Suomen Vahvimmat

Guarantee terms

Every new components,external device and computers has one year guarantee. Used components, peripheral device and computers has one month guarantee, unless it is said differently on the receipt or bill. We always resign lifelong or longer than 12 months lasting guarantees that the manufacturers has granted.

If the product is guaranteed by importer or manufacturer u need to contact them.

Software or commodity (for example CD's) does not have guarantee.

We grant one month guarantee to products and works that we have done either in our maintenance office or at costumers home. Guarantee work is always done in the same place as the original work.

Time under the guarantee stars on the same date that is marked in the bill or receipt and lasts as long as it is marked there. For example: if the product has one year guarantee and the date on the receipt is 15th of November 2015 (15.11.2015) the guarantee is valid until 15th of November 2016 (15.11.2016). If the product is fixed or changed during the guarantee period, it does not postpone the original guarantee time.

Every warranty returns will be tested at our maintenance office.We only do the testing at the costumers place or as a quick test at our maintenance office for extra fee. The costumer is responsible for getting the warranty return device to our maintenance office for testing. If device has been returned as warranty return, but we can not find the problem that has been marked to the error leaflet, we will charge one hour work fee as it is marked in our Service Price List.

If there are evidence that the the device was mishandled or broken in an accident and we can prove it, we are not obliged to repair it as warranty return.

Warrenty does not cover a device that has been overclocked or tuned by the costumer. Warrenty does not cover either, if there has been a power failure or a virus or software malfunction or if the device has not been stored properly or it hasen' t been cleaned or there has been a thunderstorm or misuse of the device or ignoring the instruction, including the costumers install mistake or physical injury to the device. With the device you should only use components and add-ons that has been approved by the manufacturers. If you open up or dismantle the device it automatically expires the warranty.

If there is a defect, then by the Consumer Protection law the buyer has to inform it in decent time,referring to the time that the defect was noticed or should of been noticed, to the company that has granted the warranty.

All products that we sell has 14 days money back guarantee. The return policy applies only products that are unused or merchantable. In that 14 day period the costumer has the right to get to know the product and try it out as they would if it were bought from a store. Costumer can open the package to test and to study the product with out losing the right of withdrawal, but he/she can not,however,use the product.

Products that we have ordered on the customer's request (so called custom products) can not be returned,if the product is functional.

Products that has been bought by Corporate costumers can not be returned.

You can get more info about our warranty from our e-mail: or by phone: 09 - 272 2292

When sending the device as a warranty return, make sure you have these with it:

  • Every cables, CD' s and other things that came with the device.
  • A copy of the receipt, bill or admission note.
  • The exact error leaflet. "Broken", or "Does not work" are not enough.
  • If we need to give you a new copy of a receipt, we will charge one hour work fee as it is marked in our price list.

  • Our made maintenance estimate is an estimate of the costs associated with the current estimated we found bugs and fixing them. It is not a price guarantee. If the service estimated the unit will be paid and picked up from maintance, maintenance estimate is no longer binding on us. If you supply the device later in the actual repair, perform maintenance estimate must be done again. We are not responsible for any damage that may have occurred devices/modifications after leaving maintenance place.